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If you have any concerns please read this collection of frequently asked questions before contacting us. If you are still unclear about something feel free to contact.

Why should I choose South Coast Solar?

SCS is a licensed, bonded, and insured California Contractor, and C-10 Electrical Contractor. Not only is everyone here an expert, we do everything from under one roof. In other words, we don’t “contract out” anything! It’s all right here, and so are we. For as long as you need us!

How Can I Go Solar?

Just pick up the phone and call for your free consultation. Our expert technicians can look at your roof via satellite and tell if you receive enough sunlight. After a quick conversation you will be scheduled for your free evaluation with one of our experts, and they will explain all there is to know about solar energy to you, right then and there! Then the choice is yours!

Are Solar panels right for my home?

That is what we will find out together! We offer a free, no-pressure consultation. A solar expert will go over your electric bill with you, figure out what your average energy usage is, and whether or not switching to solar would be a benefit to you.

Do solar systems require maintenance?

Very little maintenance is required for your home system. Generally, a quick hose-off once in a while to remove dirt or leaves is all that is needed. If you lease a system and have concerns at any time about the maintenance of your solar panels, all you need do is pick up the phone and call!

Will I have power during a blackout?

If there is a blackout in your area for any considerable period of time, your inverter will shut down automatically for safety purposes. Once power is restored to the grid, power will be restored to you as well.

Do batteries come with my solar system?

There is no need for batteries on home solar systems as we are grid-tied to your local utility company for electricity.

What happens after I sign up with South Coast Solar?

The first thing that will happen is we will schedule a home visit with one of our team’s installers who will design a system perfectly suited to your home. You will select a finance program (we have several to offer), we will take care of all paperwork, installation, permits and inspection. Before you know it you will be up and running with your very own solar system powered by the Sun!

What if my system generates more electricity than I use?

That is the most fun part of all! You will see your meter actually go backwards. When that happens, you start putting money in the bank, so to speak, by generating excess power and sending it back to the utility company. That way you save up for days of bad weather, or eventually, the electric company starts paying you!

What are the advantages of going Solar?

You are able to lock in a fixed rate for yourself right now before the utility companies have a chance to hike up the prices, which will continue to happen through the foreseeable future; and you will be helping the environment and the planet by cutting down on greenhouse gases caused by fossil fuels like oil, coal and natural gas which are in limited supply as it is!

What are my payments?

We have a variety of options from which to choose: cash purchase, loan, lease, or PPA. Call us today and someone will be happy to explain all about our financial plans. Call 844.724.2254.





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