Smart Plugs & Light Switches Los Angeles


Smart Plug and Light Switches Los Angeles
This world is one that is controlled by smart technologies. Smartphones run daily lives, with all types of apps that make life much more convenient. This technology has spread to the home, with such devices that control your thermostat by your smartphone or that can learn your habits and predict your energy needs in order to save money. This same technology has found itself in plugs and light switches. Smart technology promises to give users extra convenience in addition to promising to save energy at a time where energy costs so much.
This smart technology generally works along with smartphone applications, while the smart plug and light switches connect to your Wi-Fi. The helps you control your light switches to turn on during specific times as you tell them to, and some can even learn your routine to adjust accordingly. Some apps also let you know how much energy you are saving by using this product.
Here are some choices for you to consider if you are looking to use this smart technology in your home:

Belkin is a company that offers a wide variety of choices in smart technologies in Los Angeles. They offer smart lightbulbs, in addition to smart plugs and light switches in Los Angeles under the WeMo series of products. These light switches can help adjust based on daylight savings time. You are able to use the app to turn lights on and off from your phone, even if you are on vacation and can make it seem like someone is home. This helps add a layer of security to your home.
Made by Quirky, Outlink is a smartphone application-enabled wall outlet. The top socket is the automated outlet, and you use the Wink app to control it. This is a relatively new option out there.
Insteon On/Off Outlet                                                                        Insteon On/Off Outlet
Unlike the Outlink, this outlet has both sockets enabled for use with smartphone applications. This option also comes in a variety of colors to match your décor. Insteon has their own app, which works with all smartphones and has special features for Windows phones.
This company has both smart plugs and light switches, and offers them in a variety of colors. Their switches have dimmer options, allowing you to have complete control over your lighting. All of their products can be controlled through the smartphone application.
D-Link Smart Plug
This item is one that is comparable from items in the Belkin WeMo collection.
Wink Relay
This particular item offers a whole home solution for the smart home. It is a hardwired smart technology that can control your whole smart home from a light switch that has its own built-in touch screen.

These options can often be installed by the average person, as long as they take the proper precautions. Be sure that you kill the power to the outlet or switch that you are working on. Make sure the wire is dead by using a wire tester. Then follow the instructions in order to properly install the item. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, be sure to call a professional to ensure that this is done correctly. It is always better to be safe than sorry. Some of these items may be more complex and require a professional to install.