Recessed Lighting Los Angeles

Recessed Lighting Los Angeles

Recessed lighting may be a term that you are used to hearing, but you may not even know what it is. Recessed lighting Los Angeles is a light fixture that is installed in a hollow opening in a ceiling. The light shines directly below the hole, similar to a narrow spotlight. Recessed lights may also be referred to as “canister lights”, “can lights”, “downlights” and even “pot lights” in some regions. Recessed lighting Los Angeles can offer a couple of advantages like being more energy efficient than more traditional light source, and offering a hidden light source.

This is a popular and modern choice for lighting solutions for homes and offices. There are a wide variety of choices when it comes to choosing which recessed lighting Los Angeles best meets the lighting needs of your room. First of all, you can choose the lighting style that you are looking for in your space. Here are some lighting choices:

Ambient Lighting

This is really just the general lighting found in any room. A room that has recessed lighting Los Angeles around it can often create a warm and inviting environment. With this type of lighting, there is no glare or shadows.

Accent Lighting

This lighting is a great choice if you are looking for lighting to highlight certain décor in your home. If you have a nice piece of artwork, some architectural feature that you feel needs to be highlighted or some piece of antique furniture, this is perfect for you.

Task Lighting

This is the type of lighting to use in areas where you need light for a specific activity. For instance, a light or a group of lights aimed at stairways or in work areas of the kitchen.

Now that you know what the purpose for your light is, you can move onto some other important considerations. It is recommended that you consult with an electrician for some of the more technical items. Here are things to consider when choosing recessed Los Angeles lighting:

Light Housing

There are 2 different types of housing: remodel and new construction. New construction housings are used in situations where you are building in a new spot, which has complete access to the area of installation without sheetrock or plaster blocking, or if you have access to the area as a result of an attic or crawl space. These types of housings are bulkier than remodel housings, and generally installed between joist beams and also installed onto hanger bars from T-bars or drop ceilings. Remodel housings are used when you have little to or no access to the area directly above the light. These are much less bulky than new construction housings, but still require a hole in the ceiling.

IC Rating

IC stands for “insulation contact”. The IC rating tells buyers if the fixture can come into direct contact with thermal insulation or not. IC rating can come in contact with insulation, whereas Non-IC cannot, and must be at least 3 inches away from insulation. This is an important consideration when picking your housing.


Line voltage uses the household’s usual 120 volt current, without the use of special transformers or special dimmers. This is recommended if you have high ceilings and need to provide the light to the room. This allows for usage of up to a 150W lightbulb. Low voltage uses a 12 volt current, which is why this is the most energy efficient option. This option requires a special transformer, as well as a special dimmer if you are interested in the dimming features. This is a better option for task or accent lighting.

The Size of the Trim

This is primarily a preference choice. The smaller the trim, the less noticeable it is. However, larger trims produce broader light. The various choices can be better for specific types of lighting needs.

Trim Styles

There are a variety of options within this category. A baffle trim is the most popular choice. The trim is designed to absorb excess light, as well as reduce glare and come in either black or white options. Reflector trims are designed to maximize the light in the room. Adjustable trims can be used as ambient lighting, as well as task and accent lighting, allowing the owner to use them as wanted. Decorative trim is designed to at aesthetic appeal in your room while adding energy efficiency. These are only a few of your major choices with recessed lighting.

Whenever you are doing anything with electrical work, it is recommended that you use the services of a professional. There are many things that can go wrong, especially if you are not experienced. Recessed lighting Los Angeles can be a great option for anyone. Allow us to help you install your recessed lighting Los Angeles today.