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    Save the world by going solar

    Join the Solar Revolution by realizing a powerful way to be part of the Solution.
    Help us produce clean power simply by converting sunlight to electricity.
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We understand that the value of your home is both financial and emotional,
that’s why we’re committed to provide the best products and services to every customer.







Financial and Environmental benefits

Solar energy is on a growth trajectory that shows no sign of slowing down. The reason is simple: the sun sends down more energy than humans could ever need.
Given the low greenhouse gas emissions from solar power, increasing its adoption is an essential strategy in efforts combating climate change. The amount of savings accrued by individuals and corporations simply by transferring to solar is endless.

Solar Maintenance & Monitoring

Today’s solar panels are maintenance free with the exception of the occasional hosing off of leaves, dirt and snow. We provide 24/7 monitoring of your solar system and guarantee that the system will produce what we say it will produce. You need never worry as we will be there throughout the longevity of your entire system. We just want you to sit back, relax, and enjoy the affordable, locked-in rates you will be having for at least the next 20 years. Close your eyes and think about the next vacation you can take because of all the money you are not giving away to the utility company!

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Our team of licensed electricians offer the best in commercial electrician services & residential electrical services. When it comes to finding the best electrical company in the industry, we offer guaranteed results.

South Coast Solar

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South Coast Solar mission is to spread renewable energy and energy efficiency to the homes and businesses More and more people around the country are ready to take a bigger step in addressing rising electricity costs and reducing their carbon footprints.


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I have always believed that the simple things in life tend to be the best things in life. Honesty and integrity are not complicated topics to understand. Neither are sunshine, clean air, or clean water. So I guess it was natural that I would grow up to be part of an industry that performs the simplest kind of action: harnessing Light from the Sun.

Richard Hiper

CEO of Southcoast solar


These are not actors, they’re real people! Seriously though, everything here is legitimate. You’ll know it when you read them…so read them!

We use only the top and most trusted brands!

Our panels are made in the U.S., Canada, and Germany only… and they are guaranteed for a minimum of 25 years!

  • bosch
  • samsung
  • sanyo
  • siemens
  • canadian-solar
  • enphase
  • hyundai
  • lg
  • panasonic
  • sma
  • solar-world
  • solaredge
  • sungrow
  • sunpower